Friday, June 22, 2007

WNYC's new Morning Show, in embryonic form

Here's a link to the Bryant Park Project, which is the "code name" for the new WNYC show that's being developed.

Actually, I'm not entirely certain if the show is designed for WNYC or if it's an actually NPR show (i.e. national, or at least heard in other towns besides New York). Whatever it is, the blog states the show is being thought out and sort-of tested out at the moment, and I am hoping for the best. Maybe they'll link to my blog. Maybe I can help with the show as an interactive blogger or something. We'll see.

Meanwhile, I am looking forward to this weekend's Radio Lab, which airs today at 3 PM on 93.9 FM and 2 PM on AM 820 (the best radio station in the world), and then again this Sunday at 6PM on 93.9 FM. Just the name alone turns me on: Radio Lab. Mmmmm.

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