Monday, November 17, 2008

Sirius Disorder R.I.P.

First of all, I have to say that I feel honored that this blog has been used as something of a gathering place for fellow Sirius Disorder junkies, as we stand together in mourning. Yes, the best radio channel on Sirius is now a memory. Damn. (My previous post on SD, "No Static at All", has turned into something of a public memorial - surprisingly so, I thought, until I realized that this aging post turns up 7th in Google search when one searches for SD!)

To me the epitome of what made Disorder such a genius channel was David Johansen's Mansion of Fun, which segued from salsa to opera to punk to bubblegum to field hollers and everything sounded fantastic. It was like the world's best iPod on shuffle, except there was a mad genius at the helm, a glam-rock Vincent Price-meets-Jean Shepherd.

Sirius Disorder, the station, is gone. In my previous post, I wrote "...a radio station that good has to be doomed... doesn't it?" I was right. Not that that was any great prediction - Nostradamus I'm not.

Second of all, I have been remiss is not maintaining this blog. Ummm. This blogging thing takes alot of work! Ummm. And I got a job promotion last year - thank God for that, in this economy, it's a blessing to be in the biz, bla bla bla - and my life has gotten so much more hectic. I know, excuses, excuses. I still listen to tons more of radio than I do watch TV, and I still think there's a goodly amount of good radio around that deserves to be known and celebrated. This blog needs to be, more than ever. And the messages we've been getting about the passge of Disorder just make that all the more obvious.

So it's been nagging me that I should make a new post, something about the passing Sirius Disorder, a uniquely sublime pleasure. And, this morning, I got an excuse: a Sirius XM press release. A bit of good news, that all is not lost, sorta: Meg Griffin's own show, now called Disorder, will debut on Monday December 1; it will air all afternoon, every weekday, on The Loft (SIRIUS channel 29, XM channel 50) between 12-6 pm ET. It will also air Sundays from 3- 6 pm ET.

That means The Loft will now feature Lou Reed’s New York Shuffle, Vin Scelsa’s Idiot’s Delight, Dave Marsh’s Kick Out the Jams, David Johansen’s Mansion of Fun, and Mixed Bag Radio with Pete Fornatale - joining other shows that sound pretty worthy (The Loft Sessions, In Spite Of All The Danger, Your Roots Are Showing, From The Living Room To The Loft).

So - it could be worse. No? (But I miss Ghosty!)