Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Sirius Disorder: No Static At All

Meg Griffin's Sirius Disorder - Channel 24 on your Sirius Satellite radio dial - is so damn wonderful, I can't help thinking that somebody is going to yank it off the air at any second.

Any radio station that can play and mix up such astonishingly great and diverse music (from Conjunto Tipico Ladi's “Un Jibaro en Nueva York” to Debussy's "Danses Sacrée et Profane" to an absurdist cover of "Tighten Up" by the Yellow Magic Orchestra) sounds like it has to be at death's door.

Why? Because musical variety in a station's play list is "commercial suicide", and because "free form" radio has been dead for so long. (The great WFMU, of course, excepted. Though I prefer Sirius Disorder more cause the deejays there have less to prove than the usual 'FMU jock, who's usually trying too hard to play stuff that's WEIRD and "so bad it's good" and hipper-than-thou.)

It's been decades since music programmers like Lee Abrams* made sure that lowly commercial FM deejays would nevermore choose their own playlists. (Did you ever see the movie FM? Sundance has been showing it recently. It seems so quaint now - to think that the jocks of a commercial FM station would ever make a stand against corporate control. Those were different times, as Lou Reed would say.)

God Bless Meg Griffin and God Bless Sirius Disorder. Maybe I can get used to the fact that they exist. But a radio station that good has to be doomed... doesn't it?

* who, ironically enough, now programs XM, Sirius's competitor...


Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, yes, Sirius Disorder MUST stay. If anything happens to it, I'll loose faith in humanity once and for all, and believe me, I wouldn't have far to go at this point.
Last night, after not listening to Sirius for a few days, I tuned in on the computer while cooking dinner, looking for my Disorder fix. What I found was the newly-christened Grateful Dead channel. So there it is, I sighed, the last radio straw. Holding onto a last shred of hope while my onions burned, I searched the stations and finally found it, as you all know and I didn't because I live in a cave, at number 70. Why so far away? Why so hidden from all of us who like to hover in those lower realms looking for something intelligent and vaguely palatable? Will any new listeners discover Disorder way out there in Jazz/Classical land? (And I'm not dissing these stations; I go there myself quite often, so don't get any ideas, Sirius.) Well, I hope it does alright on its own up there. Meanwhile, I'm down on my knees thanking the music gods (do they like burned onions?), and preparing to next write a love letter to Sirius for keeping Disorder.
Loving my music,

Anonymous said...

I can't help but think it's on its way out with going from channels 24 to 32 to 70 in a short time. It could also very well be a casualty of the proposed Sirius/XM merger. Somebody will say, "Starbucks XM Cafe is the same thing and Starbucks is a sponsor" and that's what it will be replaced with.

Anonymous said...

Sirius Disorder is gone as of today and I am hating life.

Michael (Snick422) said...

This is a disgrace. SIRIUS Disorder is gone and Meg Griffin fired. If not for Howard I'd call and cancel immediately. Thanks, Sirius, for destroying one of the greatest radio stations to ever exist. I hope Mel dies in a fire and Scott Greensteen loses every penny. Greedy fucking pricks.

Rick said...

For real, you just let go of one of the best shows and djs on radio. Dumb fucks..

Anonymous said...

Disorder was the greatest radio station that I have ever heard. It was the only reason that I subscribed to Sirius. It played all the songs that I wanted to hear and the all the songs that I didn't know I wanted to hear.

R.I.P. I'm canceling my subscription.


dolt said...

There is no god.

Anonymous said...

Rise up Disorderlys!
Let them know how we feel.
Already miss Meg, David Johansen and Celtic Crush!

Jeff said...

Found out when I came out from dinner and just thought they were in a Led Zeppelin mood. Stunned. Drove 6 hours yesterday and found I missed Disorder so much. I know Meg is on Spectrum but that is not the same. Loft (29) is suggested by Sirius but so far not a replacement for me.

Anxious to hear the details, especially from Meg.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Losing Disorder is awfully tough to accept. The Sirius website says if you liked Disorder, try the Loft. Has anybody listened to that? It's nothing but ordinary. I'm going to get in an accident constantly switching channels trying to find some decent music again. Bring back Disorder!!

Anonymous said...

I am in a fetal position weeping after discovering that Sirius Disorder no longer exists. What the fuck are these executives thinking? I subscribed for this station only. The last domain for free form radio,gone, unbelievable.An executive order from Barack may be the first order of business. Help me, my musical lucidity is now in jeopardy.

Anonymous said...

Disorder - a radio station of intelligence. Unpredictable and interesting. A sublime musical experience... gone.

Alec said...

Thanks for all the comments, folks! It's gratifying and inspiring me to keep this blog going. Please check out my newest post on the subject, here.

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