Monday, January 16, 2006

I Love Radio.

I Love Radio.

Hola amigos. My name is Alec Cumming, and welcome to my new experiment, this here blog, which I am calling (for now at least) The Radio Gazette. The initial purpose for this blog is to revive an idea I had a couple of years ago - to create a sort-of Entertainment Weekly for Radio. There's alot of great radio out there, yet few ways to find out about it.

What inspired me to try this blog now is the happy fact I got a Christmas present of a Sirius Satellite Radio a couple of weeks ago - yes, I am a Howard Stern fan - and have fallen in love with the damn thing. Listening to the fascinating start-up of Howard 100, along with discovering dozens of other intriguing and cool and life-affirming radio channels, has gotten me thinking again about the medium, about how much I like it and think it has a future and a tremendous amount of value, and about how little it gets written about intelligently.

So this blog will initially talk alot about (a) Sirius Satellite radio programming and (b) over-the-airwaves radio programming one can hear in the New York City metroplitan area, although I think I will also talk about podcasts and Internet radio streams (which would be a neat way to have anybody listen in to these shows, not just New Yorkers). I hope to review and recommend radio shows that I like, ones that maybe you'll like too. If this lil' blog takes off, I will consider taking the radio recommendations and getting them onto a website of its own, to make the results easier to search and find. We'll see about that.

Meanwhile, I may write about other stuff - stuff that fascinates me - like the future of media, music-making and music-listening, being a single divorced dad, maybe even the occasional political opinion. Again, we'll see. A voice inside of me says "who the hell would want to read what a mook like me thinks" but then I remember it's fine, it's just a damn blog, read it if you'd like, I ain't charging.

And so it begins.

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