Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Big Broadcast on the Moon - tomorrow night

Tomorrow (Sunday) night's a full moon, and Rich Conaty's The Big Broadcast - which you can hear on Sunday nights between 8 pm and midnight on the great WFUV 90.7 - salutes that wonderful fact by playing "One Hundred One Moon Songs Part I". (Part II airs next week. No, the full moon'll be gone, but that night will be a celebration of Nicholas Copernicus's birthday*. From the earliest recorded Moon-themed song Rich could find - Billy Murray's "By the Light of the Silvery Moon", from 1909 - to the latest song he's planning on playing, a 1940 record of Rosemary Calvin's "How High the Moon" (Rich doesn't play much music that dates from WWII or later), you will hear... well... peerless American pop. About the moon.

There are two nice new write-ups about Rich's always-worthy show - this mention in David Hinckley's column and this nice write up by the New York Observer's Terry Golway - but I disagree with Mr. Golway's statement "if there’s a radio program like Mr. Conaty’s in the New York market, I’ve yet to hear it." Dude - just tune to WNYC-AM tonight, or any Saturday night, to catch Danny Stiles' Big Band Sounds show, between 8 and 10 pm, on WNYC-AM 820.

* “All right,” Rich told The New York Observer, “he’s more of a sun guy, but he certainly saw the moon”.

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