Sunday, February 05, 2006

Turn off the TV and LISTEN to the Super Bowl!!

A Radical Suggestion for This Most American Of All Religious Holidays: why not turn the damned TV off tonight and LISTEN to the Super Bowl on the radio?? There are so many cool ways to do it! Consider:

- tune in old-school-style by catching the official CBS Radio-Westwood One network radio broadcast at WFAN 660 AM today, starting at 4 PM, with the classic, reassuring and post-scandalous voice of Marv Albert at the helm, with the help of Boomer Esiason, John Dockery, Jim Gray, and Bonnie Bernstein.

- you can listen via the Internet to Sirius Satellite Radio's NFL Radio Channel - hearable today for free via RealAudio - with all the pre-game action you could possibly shake a stick at, leading into a simulcast of the official CBS Radio broadcast tonight.

- Go to's Field Pass and request a seven-day free trial. All set? Now you're ready to listen to the game in a myriad of wondrous ways! As long as your computer has RealAudio, you can hear:
  • the Pittsburgh Steelers hometown radio coverage
  • the Seatle Seahawks hometown radio coverage
  • the direct press box audio from the game
  • the Ford Field announcer (interesting!)
  • BBC Radio (hear the game described with a clipped upper-crust English accent!)
  • Canal + Spain (the game in Spanish!)
  • TV 2 Denmark (in Danish!)
  • NTV + Russia (in Russian!)
  • BeTV (in French!)
  • SMG (Chinese Mandarin!)
  • NTV Japan (in Japanese!)
(PS - I did suggest turning off your TV tonight, but it might be fun to listen to the Danish or Mandarin feed while you're watching the telecast, no?)

- for you Sirius subscribers, you can hear all of the above international feeds, plus the already-discussed NFL Channel, as part of the company's mad crazy radio coverage.

- last but not least for you Sirius subscribers (especially for those of you who don't give a crap about the Super Bowl itself): you can celebrate the day by listening to any number of goofy Sirius programming "stunts". Three of my favorites:
  • In tribute to the Rolling Stones halftime show, the Sirius Blues station (Channel 74) will have its Fantasy Halftime Show, speculating on which tunes the band will play during halftime in Detroit -and spinning the ones they should - at 6pm ET tonight.
  • SIRIUS Pops (Channel 86) launches the Sousa Bowl at 8 pm ET, during which Sousa' s classic compositions will be performed by the top US university marching bands, while Symphony Hall's (Channel 80) Super Bowl Battle will offer alternating selections by the Seattle Symphony Orchestra and the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, starting at 6:30 pm ET.
  • Jam On's (Channel 17) The Phish Bowl will feature hosts Jonathan Schwartz and Adam Foley pitting their favorite Phish concerts against each other, while Andy Bernstein, author of the Phish book "The Pharmer's Almanac Vol. 1-4", referees. To replicate the four quarters of a football game, both hosts will present four songs from their chosen Phish concert to support their argument as to which is the "greatest Phish concert", starting at 7 pm ET. (Yes, this is waaaay geeky.)


Liza said...

Jonathan Schwartz is a Phish fan? The same JS who hasn't met a semi-trilling luke-warm warbler and turned her name into a pause-laden love poem?


(wait for it)


Alec Cumming said...

I doubt very much that it's that Jonathan Schwartz. Who rules, by the way. And who doesn't seem like a Phish fan, although you never know.

Actually, here's a Daily News Story about the fact JS can't do his annual "Salute to Baseball" tribute (perversely always scheduled for Super Bowl Sunday) because of WNYC's fund-raising drive... which of course y'all should donate to.