Sunday, February 05, 2006

Oh, so you don't care about the Super Bowl?! Well.

Ok, if you're gonna be like that, maybe you'd like to listen to WNYC tonight instead of the Super Bowl. (Although it is time for the fund-raising drive, so consider yourself warned. Hey, give money to them, lots, OK?) The evening starts off at 6, on both the AM (820 Khz) and FM (93.9 Mhz) sides, with the always-brilliant (if sometimes twee) This American Life: tonight's show is about "stories that take place on the edge of civilization, just out of sight." Then, at 7 on the FM station*, there's David Garland's Spinning on Air, tonight featuring Mi & L'au (pictured above), two musicians who make sad, floating, and lovely music. They'll sing and play their songs, and talk about guitars reverberating over lakes, cabin fever, and the Halloween night they met.

At 8, David Garland's music blissfully continues, while - on the AM side - you can hear two straightforwardly-named KCRW shows about show-biz: New York Times writer Elvis Mitchell's The Treatment and Variety writer Claude Brodesser's The Business. Then, at 9, flip on over to the FM side (is this getting confusing enough for you?) 'cause you do not want to miss Tom Brokaw - Tom Brokaw! - on the monthly show Mad About Music, where he "reveals his emotional side to host Gilbert Kaplan and the power music plays in his life – from Bach cantatas in the cockpit flying cross country, to Copland’s Fanfare for the Common Man, Mozart’s Requiem and the American classic 'Shenandoah,' that touches his Missouri River roots and has been picked to be played at his funeral." So there you go. (Have you ever thought about the music to be played at your funeral? As for me, I hope somebody plays "Buckaroo" by Buck Owens and his Buckaroos... at the right moment, of course. Hopefully after everybody starts to walk towards the refreshment table.)

*(On the AM side at 7, there's a replay of yesterday's Studio 360, which will talk about the Super-Bowl-unfriendly subject of Psychoanalysis. "From Freudian slips to videogames to The Sopranos," says the show's website, "we’ll look at Sigmund Freud’s long shadow on our culture". Hmm. Speaking of psychoanalysis, you might need some after listening to Joe Frank's staggeringly weird and innovative show at 11, also on 820 AM.)

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danny fastfingers said...

i thought that was a pic of jon bongiovi and friend..