Monday, February 13, 2006

It's not about radio, but it is about music, and I would really like you to click on the link below.

OK, first off, please check out the other part of my life, my musical side, at my MySpace homepage. (My my.) I've put up a few original songs, which you can listen to and/or download, plus there's a bio of my "musical career", as it were. Plus: pictures! And lots and lots of friends... my friends! (They like me, they really like me!)

Secondly, I'm sorry to go off-message (re: radio) here, but hey, it's a blog, right? Free-wheeling, post-modern, blah blah blah? Plus it's early enough in The NYC Radio Gazette's life that I don't have a big audience who would feel peeved or misled or something about me posting something that's not directly about radio, right? Anyway, these songs should have been on the radio... hell, they should've been massive hits, and it's just so typical of the lame radio programmers of my generation that they ignored my genius... Bastards.

OK, I'll shut up now. More exciting radio posts to come. (Plus it was a busy weekend, with the snow and everything.... hey, why am I being defensive? As if anybody's reading this.) Meanwhile, if you're interested, check out the quirky/catchy tunes and the page and find out a bit more about me, OK? OK.

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