Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Tonight - a live taping of the Brian Lehrer Show: Were We Misled? A Debate on Pre-War Intelligence

Brian Lehrer hosts an excellent morning 2-hout talk/call-in show on WNYC every morning; during the subway strike his coverage was unparalleled, with great guests (not the usual suspects), many calls from the subway workers themselves, callers reporting on how their neighborhoods were holding up... every media outlet was going crazy on the story, but Brian's show - by a wide margin - gave a complete, sane, and smart round-up of every day's madness. And the show also felt more authentically New York - more connected to the streets - than anything else out there. You can hear his show every weekday morning on WNYC-AM and FM between 10 and 12 noon (although he's only on FM this morning - the AM side is offering "gavel-to-gavel" the Senate's Wartime Executive Power/NSA Surveillance Authority hearing. Amidst requests for pledges, by the way. Have you given them money yet?)

Tonight at 7pm, Brian will be hosting a live public forum entitled “Were We Misled? A Debate on Pre-War Intelligence,” at the New York Society for Ethical Culture (2 West 64th Street at Central Park West). Admission is free - first-come, first-served - and the panel features Christopher Hitchens, former Florida senator and 2004 presidential candidate Bob Graham, David Corn (editor of The Nation) and Bruce Jackson, co-founder of the neo-con think tank The Project for a New American Century. Fair and balanced? Yep. (Brian hosts the most genuinely fair-and-balanced talk show I've ever heard.)

Look here for suggested readings for the event; the show itself will be heard on Wednesday February 15th at 10am.

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