Monday, February 06, 2006

Rodney on the 'ROQ in New Yawk!

KROQ - the legendary Los Angeles rock station - can now be heard streaming live over the Internet. Go to their home page, click on the "Q Stream" button, and: there.

Which means we New Yorkers can finally hear Rodney On The Roq - Rodney Bingenheimer's famed and influential show, running since 1976 - for ourselves, Monday mornings at the somewhat early hour of 3 am ET. (Of course, because I have RadioTime, I can have the streamed show recorded onto my computer while I sleep, then have it in my iPod by the time I have to head to work the next morning. Nyah nyah.)

Rodney, who was Davy Jones' stand-in on The Monkees, has led quite the interesting life, helped countless bands get heard, and has even had a movie made about him. Which I'll get around to seeing soon, I suppose.

Interesting to note that the number one song on KROQ at the moment is Matisyahu's "King Without A Crown" - an catchy number performed by a hasidic rapper. Oy, those kids of today!


Harsha said...

Haven't heard about them..

Alec Cumming said...

The station, or the rapper? Re: Matisyahu - I first saw his video on MTV2's Subterranean, which is pretty much the only show on either MTV that plays new music... other than the Headbanger's Ball, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Check out some classic Rodney shows from late 70s and early 80s.